Pickleball Anytime Court Set Up

Set up your court in minutes using Pickleball Anytime pre-measured court tape.

Pre-measured Court Lines Setup Instructions

Court Preparation:

  • Ensure you have a standard 44-foot long area.
  • You need two people: one to peel the tape and the other to press it firmly.

Mark Baselines:

  • Step 1: Take 8-10 steps in from any barrier (fence, net) and mark this spot with the provided chalk.
  • Step 2: Apply a 20-foot baseline tape at this marked spot. This will be your serve and out-of-bounds line.

Mark Sidelines:

  • Step 3: Use the 22-foot sideline tape and connect it to the baseline on the left side, extending towards where the net will be.

Create Center and Kitchen Lines:

  • Step 4: Take the 15-foot center line tape and place it on top of the left sideline you created. Mark the end of this tape with chalk for the kitchen line.
  • Step 5: Using the same 15-foot tape, mark the right side of the baseline towards the net for the kitchen line.
  • Step 6: Use the 20-foot tape to connect your left and right kitchen line markings.

Complete Sidelines:

  • Step 7: Using the 22-foot sideline tape, apply it on the right side from the baseline towards the net, creating the right sideline.

Final Measurements:

  • Step 8: Use the 10-foot measuring tape to mark the right side of the kitchen line towards the middle.
  • Step 9: Apply the 10-foot measuring tape from the right baseline to the middle, marking the end with chalk.
  • Step 10: Use the 15-foot pre-measured center line tape to connect the kitchen markings to the baseline markings, forming the center line.

Final Steps:

  • Step 11: Using the 20-foot baseline tape, connect it to the left sideline, creating your baseline and out-of-bounds serve line.
  • Step 12: Take the remaining 22-foot sideline tape and connect it from the right sideline to the baseline.

Final Adjustments:

  • Step 13: Take the 15-foot center line tape from the left side baseline towards the net to mark the kitchen. Repeat for the right side.
  • Step 14: Apply the kitchen line tape to your markings on both left and right sidelines.

Complete the Court:

  • Step 15: Use the 10-foot tape to measure from the left side of the kitchen to the middle, marking with chalk.
  • Step 16: Use the same tape for the right side, measuring across towards the middle and marking with chalk.

Final Connection:

  • Use the 15-foot center line tape to connect from the kitchen marking to the baseline marking, finalizing the center line.

Congratulations: Add your net where the two sidelines connect, and you're ready to play Pickleball Anytime!

Set up your own regulation-sized Pickleball court effortlessly and in minutes with our pre-measured Pickleball Anytime Complete Court Tape Kit.

*Intended for one time application

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